About Us

Established in 2021, Expalocal is providing the premium Learning experience to the learners around the world!

Expalocal comes from two words, “Expats” and “Local”. Located in multicultural country, UAE, Expalocal is the platform where both Expats and Locals living in UAE in different Emirates come together and share knowledge with each other.

The best way to connect with the world, is by breaking the language barrier. 

Did you know that Sudan is one of the extremely resourceful countries out there, but that are still struggling to show that to the world? I had a chance to meet Sudanese people in 2021 and I was impressed with their talent. During our conversation, they admitted that it is because the Sudanese do not speak fluent English and are unable to express themselves clearly to the world.

 Imagine if everyone in Sudan spoke fluent English or the whole world spoke fluent Arabic, this world could benefit from the ideas and skills Sudanese have to offer. 

Once the language barrier disappears from this world, it will become easier to learn skills from each other. This can change the lives of people, and together we can work to make this world a better place. We at Expalocal are on a mission to connect the world through knowledge and idea sharing.

We look forward to learn different languages and skills with you.



Enhance and improve the learning process and make valuable knowledge and skill training  accessible to everyone around the world. 


Eradicate language barriers around the world and promote ideas sharing to make world a better place. 


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