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Expalocal was created with aim to be the best Japanese language school in the country. This is the first language ever to be offered in Expalocal. We have native level Japanese speaker instructor teaching beginners and intermediate level Japanese. 

Tell us the why you’re studying Japanese, and we will design the course suited for your need.

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Our Happy Learner

Studying Japanese with Rameesa sensei had the greatest impact in my language learning journey. In my first month, since the start of the program, I really have noticed exponential growth in my speaking, reading and writing skills. Now, I am able to comfortably speak and communicate with people from Japan using a plethora of vocabulary, soundly weaving sentences together to convey my point across. 

Mohammad Aljassmi

Tell us your learning goal!

Tell us why you want to start learning Japanese and we will design our Japanese Language course, which will be both fun and extremely useful. 

Study for Fun!

Are you interested in Japanese traditional and popular culture? Would you like to learn this language so that you can be closer to Japan through their lifestyle and culture? 

We have course designed just for you. If you’re interested in Anime, we will use Anime to teach you Japanese. If you’re interested in Samurai, we will design the course revolving around Samurai!

Japanese for Professionals

Are you working in a Japanese company? Are you working close to Japanese people? 

Work professionals who are interested in learning Japanese due to their work nature, we have course designed to help you learn the Japanese used in work environment. You will be able to start using Japanese at your work right after first class  through this course!

Live in Japan

Are you planning to go to Japan to work or study? 

To get the Japanese student visa or even get admission in Japanese language schools, or institutes offering higher education, you need to study 150 hours. 

Start studying with us and we will not only cover Japanese language required to live in Japanese society but also give you knowledge about the Japanese history and current affairs. 

We will help you decide not only the suitable school for you in Japan but also other details about Japanese locality and rules there. With our help, you will be able to settle in Japan faster.

Japanese Language Proficiency Test (JLPT)

Japanese Language Proficiency Test (JLPT) is the measure of Japanese language  skills of foreigners. This test is conducted around the world , in few places twice a year.  

Most of the Universities and workplaces require you to pass JLPT N2 level, which is the intermediate level Japanese.

We will prepare you for JLPT through this course. 

For residents in UAE; Currently , there is no JLPT test center in UAE , but if you’re planning on going to Japan,  you will be able to take the test there. 


Online Japanese 2022 Crash Course: Starting in April!

This winter start studying Japanese in 2022! This crash course is for beginners, who want to star learning Japanese language and will focus on the following:


You will learn how to read and write Japanese alphabets, Hiragana and learn how to read and write basic vocabularies in Hiragana.

You will learn not only the basic greetings but also how to introduce yourself. Along with this, you will also learn how to ask for something, someone or a about a place in Japanese language.

You will learn basic verbs in Japanese language and how to use them in a sentence.

You will learn two of the most important particles in Japanese language and how to form sentences yourself using those two particles. 

You will also learn how to make interrogative sentences. 

You will learn the most commonly used adjectives in Japanese language and how to use them in sentences. 

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